I'm not sure what's going on gecko zzed.
But here is another screenshot of this page. I thought maybe it was a theme issue, but I have not changed my windows theme.

I have some tools as a mod. See below.

The 'edit' option is where I would hope to find accesses. However, that's not the case. All it does is allow modification of some metadata


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I was looking at the Xenforo manual, and I'm wondering it this is in the "permissions" settings, and if they have changed over the years. Starstream first registered in 2003. I didn't join until 2009. It may be that the permission to edit posts was not originally granted when you registered, and that may have been changed at some point. Those are in administrative functions.

I think that only Admins have access to setting permissions in the software. Mods are more for controlling conversations and content.
Makes sense Talisman and gecko. I should probably just make a new account at some point. It's all good.

@ rob,
Sorry I blasted you for your opinion. You're probably just a straight forward guy who says what's on your mind. I here you reguarding, "that most don't go back and reread a post" so the edit is not really needed. But sometimes I catch a mistake right after I post that a substantial enough to make my point or question misinterpreted. I wouldn't go back a day later and change something. But sometimes you articulate something wrong and still have time to fix it before many others read it. Anyway, I shouldn't have name called you. You have a right to your opinion.