adjusting peak height in only one track in reaper 6


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I saw Kenny Gioia demonstrate a combination of key strokes that allowed you to increase/decrease the height of peaks in one media item. I can raise and lower all of the tracks at once but not one individual track. I cannot find this and I am spending way too much time with Kenny. Any help in identifying the video or just the darn keystrokes.

thank you for your time and memory.

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Left-click track item to highlight. Select Actions from top menu. Type 'Peak' in the filter box. Hit Return. Select Peaks: Increase peaks view gain. Go to bottom of Actions window and click the Run button repeatedly until you get it where you want.

To lower it, go back and select Peaks: Decrease peaks view gain and Run.
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[MENTION=174503]spantini[/MENTION] - does that actually do single tracks/items? Is it not the same as Shift+Up Arrow? I didn’t think there was a way to affect only one.

Edit - Yeah no it's totally the same thing. Shortcut listed right there next to the action name. That's like a project setting, though it's not in the project settings. It actually is in the Peaks Display Setting under the View menu, though the shortcuts are so easy to remember...

There is no way to adjust peak display gain for a single item/track. You have to actually adjust Take/Item/PreFX Volume to change the relative waveform size of one item as compared to another.
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[MENTION=142548]ashcat_lt[/MENTION] - You are correct. I made the mistake of testing that in a project with only one track.

What I've been doing is raising the Item Vol to increase wave size, then lowering the fader a matching neg amount (e.g., +18.0 dB / -18.0 dB).

With the number of users wanting this, I'm surprised this has never been added as an action.
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I found this by accident to other day, if you have the mixer window open and double click on the mixer channel, the track on the waveform window goes to max height view. Was that what you are after?