Adding an external tape deck through my home stereo

Smithers XKR

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Sorry if I have got the wrong thread but here goes..
I have decided to take out my DCC out of my studio recording setup and use it with my home stereo, it was never a great mastering machine for studio recording and will be better with my stereo as it plays analogue cassettes as well.
Anyway, I have an old 80s setup with a turntable and integrated amp + tuner + cassette and external CD player. The turntable goes into the phono inputs and the CD goes into the Aux inputs.

Could I run the DCC into the CD player as a send/return with standard audio leads so if I want to use the DCC the audio signal will bypass through the CD player into the amp, or will I have to use a splitter box?
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Thanks James, I use a little switch box to run my two turntables into the phono input on the home stereo. I am hoping to be able to use a send and return facility between the digital connections between the DCC and CD player as well. I thought there may be problems trying to passively run the DCC output signal through the CD machine into the amp, so a splitter box is the best option, agreed.
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