ADAT ELCO +4 vs. -10 HELP!!


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I have an old Allen & Heath and i just got elcos for my adat. THey completely distort the input channels. I believe I know why this is happening but don't know how to rectify. Help.
What inputs are you using on the Allen and Heath from the outputs of your ADAT? If the AH inputs are -10 only, regardless if they are balanced or unbalanced, you are giving the inputs 14db of gain it is not designed to handle. If the console has a PAD on these inputs, you can employ that accept this new, high power, very buff signal. If not, you will need to buy an induvidual pad for each input, at a cost of about $15 each. A better bet is to just get a console that has dedicated tape inputs that are +4 balanced. That will provide the best signal path.

Good luck.

Ed Rei
Echo Star Studio