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Hey guys, help me out. I just moved to a new
place and my soon to be "Home Studio" is an
acoustical nightmare! The room is about a
10x10 with a tiled floor and semi gloss painted walls. Now mind you this place is a
temporary place until I buy my house so I can't do anything too extreme. I got sound bouncin' all over the place! I'm thinking about Auralex foam, but where & how much!
Hey Smoov,
Auralex can get pretty pricey and the best way to attach it is with adhesive. It would be very difficult to remove that stuff without tearing it. If I were you, in a temporary situation, I would save time and money and buy an area rug for the tiled floor, and hang heavy blankets or tack carpet remnants on the walls.

Can't you record some stuff direct? Like, man, I can go direct into my Yamaha MD-8 so I don't worry too much about outside sound reverberations; and, the neighbors like that too --- smoooth & quiet.

I do have clients who come in to do vocals and that, of course, goes directly into the unit too; but, if you do the guitar through the speaker to the mic kind of stuff, then, you need 28 fat people to use as baffles or 56 skinny people.

With the EQ and reverb you should be able to do some cool stuff directly into your recording unit. But, keep doing it one way or another.

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If you have your heart set on getting real auralex foam, you could go out and buy some 1/4" plywood and adhere the foam to that instead of the wall. Then you can hang the plywood with the foam on it like a picture.
This worked for me when I was in an apartment.
Hey Hornet,
It's not really the actual "recording" that
I'm worried about. It's monitoring playback
and getting false..Uhhh ...You know...
False ....Oh you know what I'm trying to say , don't ya? I've got no sense of "Flatness" And Heaven forbid I try to record vocals...It's a background Noise Haven..e.g: heater, computer, FRIGE! Ya know? :-)

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