Acoustic Treatment with windows on 2 walls


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I've recently moved into a new property and I'm setting up a studio in the spare room.

Only problem is that if I place my desk so that the speakers project along the length of the longest wall this means that I have Window 1 behind the speakers and Window 2 at the first reflection on the left (from listeners perspective).

To compensate for Window 1 behind the speakers I can pull the desk away around 1~2 ft to minimize reflections however I'm not sure what to do about the reflections from Window 2 - If this was a solid wall Id usually use an absorption panel to treat first reflections. I was wondering if using heavy or sound insulating curtains in front of the window would work similarly to an absorption panel?

I've attached my basic attempt at a treatment layout and would be interested in any advice / comments to improve (I've omitted ceiling treatment i.e clouds and corner bass traps from the layout to keep things simple but they will be used)


An easy and cheap way is to buy those I think they are shower curtain rings with big strong crocodile clips on them. Then get a thick heavy duvet and hang it over the window with those crocodile clips.

Cheap and effective and easily removeable when not wanted.
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That window is at your point-of-first-reflection. Build a rockwool/compressed fibreglass panel that will fit into the window opening, and a matching one for the other side. YOu can always take it down when you want the window open/light.