ACID 4.0 - record midi and audio simultaneously?


Hi all - I know this is ancient software, but I started playing with it again recently now that I'm back into midi recording, & I like how easy & simple it is to use. The only problem is that there doesn't appear to be any way to record audio and midi at the same time. I don't know if later versions added this - or maybe I'm just missing something really obvious? If anyone knows anything about this version I'd be most grateful for any input. Thanks!
If it's anything like the rest of Sony's line-up (and it should be), you hit the track fx button (looks like a green +), in the box that comes up, click the Plug In Chain... (looks the same), click on Audio folder, Sony folder, Pan; then hit the add button, and the OK button. Make sure the check box is checked for pan. Click on the Pan effect in the chain and you will have a Pan % slider...
Can someone please tell me how to pan vocals and other instruments with Acid Music Studio 9? Thanks