Absorption/diffuser combo panel

Was just surfing youtube and found this video of what's called a flexifuser from prime acoustics. Can any of the more seasoned people here comment on the possible effectiveness of a design like this??? Essentially it's a two in one absorber/diffuser panel. Thought it was a kind cool idea, and though wouldn't pay for one, might consider rigging something similar up if it would benefit my room.

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I was always under the assumption that a diffusers needed to have cavities wells of varying depths.

Well isn't anything that can scatter waves in random patterns technically a diffuser? From my undereducated understanding of diffusers, the whole point is to scatter sound waves randomly throughout a room to get an even sense of reverberation in a room, cutting down on flutter echos and standing waves.

With something like that wouldn't it be somewhat ideal for smaller rooms like in a home studio? Have absorption and slightly diffusive surface coupled together or is diffusion not as important in smaller rooms?


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I can't get used to the idea of panels that absorb and reflect at the same time. That would seem to be at cross purposes. But I'm guessing the manufacturer knows more about that stuff than I do.