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Eric V

Inquiring mind wants to know
I have some experience with Reaper, and I know right up front Ableton is not Reaper....that said, I have set up Ableton to use with my Scarlett 4i4 audio interface and am able to record. I thought I would start with my drum machine to test everything. I can hear audio AFTER I record, but not WHILE I am recording the drum track. I could if I used separate headphones, but in Reaper I was able to hear input by monitoring with headphones (I don't have speaker monitors). But in Ableton, I can only hear the drum track afterwards as I mentioned. Can anyone explain why this might be? I will give any info necessary if this is still vague. Thank you.
I figured it out, I didn't have the "In" button selected, I had it turned to "off". Here is a screenshot if anyone else runs into this problem:

Screenshot 2021-09-05 121212.png