Ableton Live 11 Lite & Oxygen 49 Problem


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Hello, I can't seem to get my Oxygen 49 midi keyboard to make sound in Ableton Live 11 Lite. All the how-to's I've found online show the Ableton Midi Preferences menu for Live v10, not Live v11 Lite, and the menu user interfaces are different, which I'm finding confusing since I'm a bit of a newbie to Ableton. The Oxygen works OK on another laptop/DAW. The Oxygen 49 appears to be recognized in the Preferences\Midi Ports Input and Output fields (see photos below), but not in the Control Surface field. The only Oxygen 49 I can choose in the Control Surface field is Oxygen 49_61 device, which may be a different midi keyboard from my older plain vanilla Oxygen 49 midi keyboard. Also, I have armed the 1 Midi Track in Ableton. So I thought that was all I had to do to hear midi input from the Oxygen within Ableton. But all I'm hearing is silence when hitting the midi keys of Oxygen keyboard.. I feel like I'm missing something simple (I used to use Garageband, so I'm new to Ableton). I'm using Windows 10 laptop, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 via USB as audio interface, Oxygen 49 midi keyboard via USB. If anyone has a suggestion/tip, or pointer to a url, please feel free to enlighten me. Thank you.


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Just realized that it appears Oxygen midi audio signal is getting to Ableton because the track meters show volume level movement when Oxygen keys pushed, but no audio is output/heard. I can hear the Ableton non midi audio tracks I recorded last week fine, so I can hear audio output within Ableton, just not midi audio. I feel like there is a switch I need to toggle within Ableton to hear midi output. But darned if I can find it :cautious: