Ableton Live 10 only recognizes 2 input channels for 4 input Behringer Uphoria


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Hello. I am using 4 Shure mics, connected to a PC through a Behringer Uforia 4 port USB interface. When I try to assign the input channels, it only lists mono channels 1 and 2, and then a stereo channel 1/2. When I tap on the mics, the level meter shows the bass mic active on channel 1, the snare through channel 2, and then the other two mics both come through the 1/2 stereo channel. So all 4 mics and all 4 inputs are working. Obviously I would like each mic to come through its own channel so I can EQ them. Why does Ableton show only 2 channels instead of 4? How can I fix this?
Is the UMC404HD (the model I assume you have) possibly just running on [USB] bus power? I remember my old M-Audio C-600 that had 4 mic pres would run on bus power, but only the first 2 mic pres would work. Had to plug in the AC adapter to get 4.
I tried with the AC and POE. It still only gives me input 1 and 2 and stereo 1/2. Can't find any info on this issue anywhere. Frustrating.
... POE. ...
I don't know that acronym, sorry.

Did you restart Windows with the change in power supply? The driver might not automatically detect that change. Just grasping at straws here.

And, it is a full-fledged version of the DAW, right, not a "light" version that might have some limitations of its own? Maybe try Audacity after a restart and see how many inputs it shows?

Did you manage to work it out Shaggy_Buggy, I have the same problem with a behringer umc404 on ableton.