Ableton Link issue


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I use 2 Live instances on the same computer in order to play my Live sets one after the other, without interruption. Here is what often happens:
- In one Live instance, I load and play Live set A;
- I click on the Link button of Live set A;
- In the other Live instance, I load Live Set B;
- I click on the Link button of Live set B => then the Live set A tempo is jumping to the Live Set B tempo while the inverse should normally happen:

"How does Link decide whose tempo to use?When starting a session, Link uses the tempo from the app who has been in the Link session the longest. For example, if one person starts an app with Link enabled before anyone else does, this app’s tempo is chosen as the initial tempo for the session. Dropping out of a session causes that app's time in the session to reset to zero when joining the session again."(

This is what I tried but the problem remains the same:
- use Ableton Live Suite and Ableton Live Beta in parallel;
- use MIDI sync instead of Link (but it is less stable than Link, it takes time to play in rhythm when changing tempo and my input latency is modified I don't know why... so I would prefer to use Link) ;
- match manually tempos of both Live instances;
- click OFF and then ON on the Link button of the Live set that is playing to make sure it is "the master";
- use a different sound card.

The problem is not related to the fact I'm using 2 instances of Live because I have the same issue with 1 instance of Ableton Live and Reaktor:
- I open Reaktor, click on Link button, adjust the tempo to 110bpm, I press play;
- I open Ableton Live, the tempo is by default at 120bpm, I click on the Link button and then Reaktor jumps to 120bpm...
I tried the contrary, link Reaktor after Live and Reaktor never takes control of the tempo if a Link was activated before.

I've contacted Ableton support but they don't have any solution at the moment and I really need to be able to play my set.

Thank you very much for your help,


Computer: MacBook Pro end 2011, macOS High Sierra, 16Go RAM, 500Go SSD