Ableton do not export the full length of my track


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I am a beginner with Ableton and have come a cross a problem which I can't seem to find the solution too.
When I am trying to export the my tracks only a short part of them gets exported. I been trying to follow tutorials in how to select the tracks, klick on the time line to make it go dark blue, getting the right setting in the Export window but still only a bit of the track gets exported. I also been testing with different projects and some just exports 11 sec another just 35 even if the recording of the track is over 1 min.
It has not been like this for the whole time. I used to be able to export much longer so I guess I must have selected something without understanding it and now I do not know how to deselect it.

Would be super happy if someone knows how I can change this!

Thank you in advance!


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You can reset Ableton:

1. Close Live;
2. In Windows Explorer, open the hidden Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live x.x.x\Preferences\ folder (where x.x.x is the installed version of Live);
3. Delete the Preferences.cfg files, the Undo folder (in Live 9 the Undo.cfg file) and Template.als (if it is in the folder);
4. Start Live.

Instead of deleting these files, you can move them to another location on the drive and try running Live. If the reset didn't work, you can put the files back.