AAA - SYL-type song


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I haven't been super-active here lately. Partially because I've been trying to work my way through a recording challenge I set for myself:

Record They Might Be Giant's "AAA" in the style of Strapping Young Lad's "AAA".

How do y'all think I did? What can I do to get it closer to the original?

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First, I am guilty of the same thing. That being said, your recording is F'in awesome. It really has a lot of elements going on.

I wish I could give you some negatives about it, but sadly, it is really good.

Listening in my HPs, could use some bottom, but even that is a stretch.

Bulls Hit

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I'm not familiar with the original but your version sounds damn fine. I like your dropped/open tuned guitar tone


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Thanks, folks!

Bulls, yeah. I'd like to explore open-tuned metal stuff a little more in the future. I've had a backlogged extreme metal project since 2009.