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I'll soon be listing what was actually my second MX-2424 on Ebay or elsewhere but
wanted to at least let anyone know about it on this forum and the Tascam forum first, just in case a fellow Tascam fan
may be in the market for a "nice" one with low hours.

I bought my first one "new" years ago, along with a Panasonic DA-7 mixing desk and both performed just about flawlessly for years and years
through literally hundreds of commercial productions.

Less than a year before I finally switched to DAW,
that MX finally bit the dust and of course, right in the middle of a multi-ad project with deadlines!
Things could have been fixed on it but I just didn't have the time to wait for or hunt for parts. I think I sold it for parts eventually.

I literally scoured the internet for hours looking for a decent-conditioned replacement. Out of nowhere,
I stumbled upon an extremely obscure newspaper ad, or the like, somewhere in the Midwest. Can't recall where exactly.
Turns out, a church bought one "new" but their "sound guy" just couldn't "figure it out" and ultimately tried it once or twice and gave up.
In other words, Next to New, so I bought it in a heartbeat!

I honestly can't tell you how many hours I put on it personally, but it can't be many because it wasn't long thereafter I went exclusively to DAW.
(At least I know it was less than a year, if that) Since that time, It has been in a rack and only used to transfer old tracks I wanted to keep from the DVD RAM discs.

It has the TDIF cards installed and the DVD-Ram player.
Both the internal and DVD Ram drives mount and unmount just fine. Everything lights up, transport's fine etc. and all seems to be working as one would expect.

In order to get it out of the "not-used-gear" rack it's in, I'll have to disconnect and move some monitors and other things, so I've kinda been putting off selling it.
However, if someone here is definitely interested, I'll get it out, clean it up a bit and take some photos and answer any questions the best I can. (Have to do it eventually anyway)

Because of it's condition and limited usage, I'd be listing it on Ebay for $625 or more, plus shipping. Instead of giving Ebay $80+ bucks, I'd sell it to someone here for $500 flat, plus shipping from Florida. (BTW...If buying with PayPal, I'd have to mark it up to cover their fees so I can "clear" the $500 which is what I need to get out of it.) I'd also enclose whatever manuals I have. BTW, I have a 100% rating on Ebay across 171 transactions of things like high end guitars and pro gear. In other words, I DON'T sell junk and will show you any little ding or scratch in good photos.

If of any interest, let me know. I'll wait a couple weeks here and if of no interest, finally resort to the dreaded Ebay march. I'd love someone to actually USE it rather than sitting idle.
I know I got a LOT of great sounding tracks done on these machines.

All for now, Bob