A softie song for my grandchild, hense the name of it.


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Yeah, it is kinda goofy but I love my little 2-year-old grandbaby and wanted her to have it after I am long gone.

Any mixing tips appreciated as I can still mix it differently if I want. Maybe some thick background oohs and ahhs in harmony instead of just the hummimng in the same tune?

Some of you hardcore folks may think it's silly but I hope some like it.

Here it is.

Grandchild by TNphotog | Free Listening on SoundCloud


It's a sweet song. It can use some backing vocals to make it pop. Other than that, when they're grown, they can say "my granddad wrote and recorded this for me." Nice job.

Way back when, I wrote and recorded two songs for my wife (both horribly out of key), bought film and shot 8mm, then edited it on a little crank editor. Had 2 45s, a cassette and VHS made of it. It was nice. I just wish the vocals were in key. They ain't even close.