A Sad Day For Stereomanuals Customers


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He was a real friend and often helped me get manuals that were not available made and then he sold them to others like the Tascam 48 that no one seemed to have. He will really be missed now when I need a good manual. All the others are chancy. I have manuals I have bought from others that when I look at the schematics they look like a bunch of dots and so I wonder if this did not come off a inkjet printer. If I remembered who it came from I would certainly complain. Stereomanuals was a top notch producer- never did his manuals ever have a problem.
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I know that having good manuals and schematics such as he produced certainly made any troubleshooting task easier. At times, I have worked with other sources of documentation that was so poor, it almost made me stop working on a particular project.