A Rare Bird...Tascam M-5000 Mixing Console


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Just saw this up on eBay...not mine, don’t know the Seller...no endorsement of the Seller or item for sale, only posting here as an opportunity to share the pics of the M-5000, which is a rare console. Not as rare as the M-700, but still very rare...here’s the listing:

Tascam M5000 recording console | eBay

Here are the listing pics:







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Weren't these about the same vintage as the 3500 consoles? Much of the colors and layouts look very similar.
The mention of a "Macintosh" computer, tells me it was probably from the early/mid '90s.

I use to collect all the Tascam brochures where they showed their entire line...I might even still have them somewhere...but this is the first time I've actually seen one that was in use somewhere.


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Yes the M-3500/3700 and M-5000 We’re contemporaneous. That was the next generation to the M-500 series and M-600.
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Bit of a drive for me to do that local pickup...

Miro - I'd love to see those brochures! Any chance they're digitized?

I have the Tascam history book, but it's not complete :)


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At $3,500 it is a good price, compared to the original $30k price. I just read review and these consoles were used for foley and surround sound as well as stereo recording. They actually have stereo channel strips. The monitoring is a little confusing.


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It is a monster but it sits in the Netherlands with local pickup. I doubt Fed Ex would even touch it as it is a special delivery type item.
Looks impressive but I wonder what it has inside it? Penny & Giles or ALPs.

I did do some repairs to a local M3700 I think it was but it had Alps parts in it.


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Thank goodness I can't go and get this.....Having a love affair with old mixers (....especially big old mixers.....) may be my undoing......


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I could just pop the old 32 channel M3700 out and pop the M5000 in. Oh hang on the control room is not wide enough LOL. Anouther snag is that I can't travel to Europe at the moment due to corona.

Actually I'll just stick with the M3700



The problem with the M-5000 was the patchbay. Cards with the jacks mounted plugged into a motherboard. Unreliable and intermittent. I worked on all of the ones in the L.A. area under warranty with that issue. Never heard of the M-7000. Have any pics.?


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Never heard of the M-7000. Have any pics.?

Thank you so much for identifying my error...you’ve saved the interwebs from having yet another bit of misinformation. You are correct...no M-7000...I think I got confused...was thinking of the M-700, which looks more contemporaneous to the M-3x00 and M-5000 consoles, but has model numbering consistent with the M-500/M-600 era.

Thanks, wkrbee...will edit my post with the misinformation.