A problem with m onset


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My m's can get quite dark, and even boomy, which I find odd as I've never considered m to be a vowel.

Does anyone have any ideas for controlling the base in mmm.

Here is an example. Every syllable that contains m goes dark and "basey".

Problem goes away if I sing higher.

This kind of song is totally not my genre, but that is why it was given to me to practise, and get my voice to do things it wasn't used to doing. Definitely, this darkening of the m's is not appropriate for this sort of song, although it is ok, elsewhere.


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Well, I've learned a bit more about singing M.

M, and a couple of other consonants are special in that they can be sung with a distinct pitch (unlike, T or S for example.)

That is obvious, but what I did not consider is that M can be sung with an underlying vowel. For example, by altering the shape of your vocal tract as you sing M, you can sing it with an underlying AA, U, EH, EE etc. That changes the brightness of the M. But, because I was not thinking of this, I tended to always sing M with the same underlying dark vowel.