A more serious song...please listen.


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I've posted up here a few times in the past and I'm submitting my newest solo song called "Insane" for your ears to dissect. I was going for a Metallica meets Alice In Chains meets Deftones meets Type O Negative (all my fave bands) feel on this song. I wanted it serious-sounding like I put some real effort and emotion into the song (and I really did) since the lyrical content and instrumental parts came from a very dark place in my life and truly is emotional to me on a deeper level that to someone else might be just plain cheesy or something but at any rate, I think that I retained most of the angst, pain and hope I was originally feeling at the time I started writing this song. At any rate, I'm usually just a drummer (I kinda buried the drums a bit since all other mixes I've posted up here before, everyone gripes about the drums being too loud) but I performed all the parts on this song so if the guitars or vocals just too untalented for your taste it's because I'm not a friggin guitarist or vocalist but I gave it a "college try". LOL So there's my disclaimer.....

I'm wondering if overall the song sounds too treble-y and if I should add more bass/mid bass. So far the spectrograph is reading pretty flat all across the board in N-track Studio meters but when I throw the song to Winamp, it sounds alot more "teeny" and I think I hear a "washout" occur in a spot or two where I think the mastering limiter kicked in and maybe over-compressed or something. Does anyone know if Winamp by default with EQ disabled does any other sound processing or addition/subtraction of anything? I've noticed alot of stuff I mix will sound slightly different between Winamp and Windows Media player although I don't have any output plugins besides the default ones with EQ's turned off. I dunno....that's why I need your ears.

Thanks in advance for listening and posting any comments.

Song name: Insane