A Frosty jazzy Christmas guitar instrumental - mix opinions please!


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I love the guitar tones. IMO the playing would really open up if you were working with a drummer. The guitar lines get kind of pat when paired with the canned drums. Too much stuff falling right on quarter notes. No problem with weird chord substitutions here :-)
Good guitar playing and tone. What's your setup?

Well the guitar is an Ibanez AF75, about ten years old, upgraded with TV Jones pickups. That goes into an M-Audio preamp, and then my old Echo Mia sound card. The amp is a virtual Orange Tiny Terror in Amplitube, also with a single delay pedal in the program. Then it goes through an SSL compressor and some EQ during mixdown.

Actually, a little after I started recording the lead I'm thinking, this guitar doesn't sound right... I found that the volume pot for the bridge pickup was bad, so I took it out and ended up recording the whole song with the pot sticking out of the f-hole with an alligator clip on it! :-)
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