90s Influenced Punk Rock Tracks


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My brother-in-law and I are trying to record a album for two bands we play in.

We are both pretty new at home recording, so would appreciate any feedback on each mix.

We used Logic Pro to record.

Loser Points - Geodude (MP3 Attached)

Trashed Ambulance - Blurry


  • Loser Points - Can I Borrow A Geodude - 01 Geodude.mp3
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I listened to Geodude. Sounds pretty good. Really good job carving space for the vocals. They came through clearly for the genre. Personally I thought the low end needed more work--boominess, mud. Easy to clean up. Aesthetically I'm not too connected with the genre, so take it with a grain of salt. There's a crowd of punk enthusiasts on the forum but they don't often post in the Clinic.


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Gave Blurry a listen. You could take a few cues from the other song, in terms of making room for the vocal. I can hear him, but it's the more grating frequencies in his voice that are cutting through. Others are getting masked.


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You kids singing about pokemans in here?

The mix is pretty good. A few of the lyrics get buried here and there. That could probably be fixed with compression and/or working on your mic technique. The bass is probably a touch loud too.


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the drum riff is a little wonky with the kick during the intro..
once the lyric comes in, with the straight time, it works better..
i like the fat kick.
i think the bass needs some more clarity...
it nees to cut more... low end seems good on it, tho.
some of the vox are pitchy.
just cuz it's 'punk' doesn't mean it's allowed to be out of tune.

it's got a good driving vibe

i like the 'nasty' rhythm guitar break in the middle, with the double-time pick thrashes...


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I love the song. I love the lead vocal delivery. I thought the guitars sounded good - they sound slightly muffled, but not bad.

Bass sounded OK. It gets a little indistinct in spots. But there are some cool runs here and there.

Lead vocal has words here and there that are a bit sibalent. A couple of pitchy spots.

Most of that is overshadowed by the cool vibe. I liked it.