80's Rocker "Death will be the End"


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Great song! I got a very Val Halen type of vibe from the guitar parts and the vocals were a mixture between Ozzie and Iron Maiden :)...Cool 80s tune! Were the vocals in general a little low in the mix throughout though? Also, were the overheads (by that I mean drum cymbals, etc) somewhat interfering with the vocals? Maybe I'm wrong.

Bulls Hit

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I like the sound of the bass and guitars but the drums sound waaay way back of the stage. Kind of a Motley Cru vibe. Vocals are real good. It's a great track. My 20 year old self would have had this on high rotation back in 83 :D


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I get a Motley Crue meets Megadeth vibe :guitar:
I agree with Bulls Hit on the drums, but i don't think it should be brought up too much. One or two db's should do it, but the overheads are definitely clashing with the vocals as endless rain commented, so try and compensate volume wise and some surgical eq on the vocal top end should tame it.
This is just my own nitpicking, but I would bring some mids to the guitar solo as it does get a bit lost in the rhythm guitars.


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Def Crue vibe. Straight from 80's. Great song. Would like to hear a little stronger/louder drums, but they do mix well as is.


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As said above, more drums would be good. The bass also has a bit of muddiness in the low mid zone, that could be trimmed a bit.