70's vocal effects! (share effects/techniques/settings)


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I've been listening to this new station that plays 70's and 80's stuff and I hear all these sweet effects/mixing techniques etc and I have no idea how they get some of these sounds. I'm thinking stuff like Steve Miller, the vocals from the chorus of Kansas' "Carry on a wayward son", the weird effect the keyboard has in the middle keyboard solo part of Camel's "wait", Foghat "Slowride" vocals, etc.....

I'm going to be joining a classic rock type band soon and it would be cool to know just in general some of the techniques they were using back then cause I haven't really been able to replicate those type of sounds AT ALL.....but I don't even really know where to start. I'm not asking for anything EXACT, i realize without the exact equipment and those super talented vocalists i'm not going to get the same sound but some general guidelines steering me towards that kind of sound would be cool. This could turn into a cool discussion.


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There really wasn't much going on in the 70's. The reverb was from an EMT plate and some tape delay. The digital stuff didn't come around until the 80's. Come to think of it there were some analog delay units that would do flange and chorus. The Kansas thing (if I recall) was just layered harmonies with a reverb plate.


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Could be double tracking, cloning two tracks and moving one around 20ms ahead or maybe using a very short delay. Any of these could result in a thicker mix sometimes.


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There must be chorus on "dark side of the moon"?

There was some flange (+ verb) on the chick backing vocals to Time, and possibly some light chorus and doubling of Rick Wright's vocal on that one, too. I know that because I'm smart, and because I watched the DVD. :D

Most of Gilmour's vocals are either doubled, or they have a slapback delay (ala "Money") + some hall/chamber style plate reverb.

A lot of the vox from that time period were slapback delay. Seriously, can't you rent these DVD's where you're at? Pick up the making of Dark Side of the Moon ... and while you're at it The Who's "Who's Next?" All will be revealed, my friend.


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I'd like to know some 70s tricks too..but more for soul-vocals...

classic rock = REVERB REVERB REVERB btw :D


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I'm terrible at listening to something and figuring out what was done to it. Are the vocals on "slow ride" at very short timed slapback delay? They sound freaking awesome.