564 question

Chicago John

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I just bought a used 564 minidisc with a 7 day warranty. When I insert a new or used disc, I get a disc error message. After 4-8 attempts, it finally accepts the disc. Then, when I begin recording, the clock goes to 14.05 and I get a record error. I erase disc and erase song 2-3 times and then everything is fine all day. Next day, same problem. To return or not to return? Please help. Thanks, John
I WOULD!! Where did you buy it from? I bought a used one from Used Gear by Mail (Daddy's junky music) and have had no problems. By the way - did you get a manual, cause I'm missing a few pages from the copy they sent and they don't have the original to make me another copy.

Gary gmmutt@psln.com