500 Series Rack questions?


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Please could you recommend a 8 unit 500 series rack?

Any other things to consider before I enter the rabbit hole?

A lot depends on your use case. Preamps only or mix of I/O such as EQ and Comps? Power is a big consideration as some modules can be hungry.

How you intend to integrate into your set up will affect what to get. I had been considering the Cranborne with the USB interface but was hoping for an updated as the design has been around a while, and I'd like something with lower latency. Been thinking the better option might be a chassis with Adat and built in conversion. Here what you use for converters unless you are all analog matters.

My strategy has been incremental upgrades as my needs grow. The Neve 88M along with an 8 channel preamp with Adat. Looking at the Heritage OST-8 once I am ready to descend into the rabbit hole. Nothing I saw out of NAMM this year gives me much hope for anything better anytime soon. Would have loved to see some options in Dante.
Thanks for the reply.

I’m looking at DB25 connector as I’m going into my DB25 ins and outs on my Audient ASP 880 over ADAT to interface.

When I come to track my drums I can use the rack as external FX..

And when I use the rack mic pres to track I can just press the AD button the front of the ASP 880

Looking at 2 decent mic pres and will use the rack mostly for a tracking front end…so EQ and comp on the way in…

I’ll also use the rack as inserts in DAW

Hi there Easyrider. Now I know I shall get stick for mentioning it AGAIN but do join the soundonsound.com forum and check their vast backlog of reviews. They have done several 500 chassis and countless modules.

The Cranbourne unit also uses the 'CASTE' connection regime which might be of interest to you?