488mkii manual

nick kincade

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my tascam 488mkii manual has been trashed
due too some end of the tear cleaning
can anyone tell me how i can get a copy.
Also when i record to my 488 i have a lot of
air during the playback? What am i doing wrong? My recording source is my ASR 10 to my 488mkii
Nick Kincaid: [sounds like a fictive person from MURDER SHE WROTE!]

You should be able to roust Tascam on the net and get a manual from them. I have also seen some manuals, page for page, on the net for free. [I'm sure Tascam will charge you for a new manual]

When you record a track on your 488 [I used to own two of those] you need to switch the track into CUE mode before you cut another track or overdub. If you don't do this with each finished track, all kinds of AIR will occur to your work. You can tell the CUE mode very easy - the faders do not control volume of a track when it is switched to CUE. Then, when you get ready to mix down all of the tracks, you LEAVE THE CUE MODE and return to playback; now all of the tracks' volume is controlled by the faders and this lets you set the levels and, of course add/negate EQ. The reason I switched to a digital recorder, MD-8, was too many unwanted pops and clicks on the 488 and I hated waiting for the tape to rewind. With the MD-8, it's a push of a button and ZAP, right back to go.

Have fun twiddling the dials,
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Dear Nick;
Hi! I, too have the 488 MkII and I real-ly enjoy it. If you'll e-mail me your snail mail address, I'll photocopy my manual and send it to you. I bought a copy of the first 488's manual from Tascam and it cost $14 + postage! (The only reason I bought it was that I needed it to check out a used recor- der I'd bought for my songwriting partner). I bought my 488 MkII new, so I can give you a good-quality copy of the manual, okay? I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can be of help to you.