488 vs 488 mkII

Hey Doc:

There might be a better motor in the MKII? But, basically, they are the one in the same units. If you follow prices, you will note that the Tascam 488s have dropped in price quite a bit -- this is because they are almost obsolete; digital is the better prescription Doc.

Have fun
Green Hornet
With all due respect to the Green Hornet's right to his opinion, there IS a difference between the first 488 & the MkII. I bought a MkII for myself and, 7 months later, found a used 488 for my songwriting partner (so we could exchange tracks over the 800+ miles between us). At any rate, the 488 has fewer features and is less user-friendly (IMHO)than the MkII. If you have the choice between the two, I heartily recommend the MkII over the first 488. I hope this has been of help.