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de la Mancha have recently released their vintage fx plugs for free...they were good when they cost, theyre excellent free

theyre about to release a further four paid plugs for free after their charity drive reaches a certain amount

well worth the donation to a worthy cause..regardless, when the site goes back to normal check out the vintage bundle

de la Mancha plugins | free VST plugins for windows hosts


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Here's a great one rescued from oblivion: The NuBi Plus drawbar organ, VFX "crossover"/overdrive and Spinner rotary speaker emulator.

It's got some killer presets, and the VFX between the organ and Spinner really makes a big difference.

NuBi Plus Download Page
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I have to use audio units - a lot of those are VST only. - I'm pretty sure I would like the variety of sound stuff.

I have a few of those installed. The only one I really use is Voxengo Span. I have used Green Oak Crystal a lot, but I don't make that kind of music, so I'm just messing around with it. I've used it to put background noise into songs.

Not on the list is bx_cleansweep - I use the crap out of that one.