244D compatible playback decks


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Question? Is there another compatible deck to play back tapes I recorded in the 80s? I have a couple 244Ds but they no longer function like cant playback, eats tapes. I would love to get them repaired but don think it would be cost efficient. I see other decks like the less expensive mini Studio 414 portistudio could playback the tapes from the 244 D. A used 244D is kind of cost prohibitive esp as they are mostly old and prone to malfunctioning once purchased.
It all depends on the noise reduction used. If none was used the 234 would play back a 3.75 IPS 4 track tape and maybe any pf the higher speed Porta studio unit that are 4 track.
The dBx noise reduction would just complicate things. the 244 can probably be fixed cheaper than buying a restored 234 as money for that repair would also have to go into it. They are all old and although you might find a working unit cheap it would not be the norm.
The problems with your 244 are highly likely to be resolved with new transport rubber (control belt, capstan belt, and idler tires). You can get these in sets on the internet, $20-25, and they’re not that hard to put in on a 244. Alternatively any of the 424 series machines will play back your 244 tapes, or as you mentioned the 414, and also as mentioned above the 234, and additionally note the 234 does have onboard dbx noise reduction so there are no noise reduction complications with the 234. Though more rare and likely more expense there is also the 644, and 134. Oh and don’t forget the 464. All of these are “high speed” 3.75ips machines with onboard dbx noise reduction.


I just remembered the 134/134B is Dolby B noise reduction only. So scratch that from the list.
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Just discovered an old Porta07 which appears to fit the bill with double speed and Dbx noise reduction. I'm planning to test it and fix any problems with it over the next few days. I also created my own software Dbx decoder using just standard Reaper plugins after seeing the page that TalismanRich linked to a few years ago. If you have Reaper and want to try it then you can download it from

Though for recent versions of Reaper you may want to change the level detector setting to the new RMS setting which is supposed to be more accurate.