244 and 246 pinch roller sizes


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Hi, newbie to Tascam Portastudios here. I’m restoring a 244 and a 246 simultaneously. I found this source for pinch rollers:

Since I’m only doing two of these machines and I got them both for a song, I’m ok with paying this price. Does anyone have any experience with rubber products from this company? Can the 244 pinch roller be used in a 246? I think I read somewhere that a 246 pinch roller is slightly larger, but I can’t find that info now.

Anyway, I’m following the Tetrakan Supermonobloc videos on YouTube and they are fantastic! Step by step procedures for both models. Man, the pots and faders are dirty, worse than I thought possible. So far I have the tape transports out and I’m just waiting for belts and idler tires and of course I still have to order the pinch roller, but this is a very do-able project for a first timer.

Glad to find this forum and thanks in advance!

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I've never used Athan stuff but they have a good reputation (I usually use Terry's rubber rollers- those are kind of your 2 choices lol).