234 - 424 compatibility

Toad Hall

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I have three tapes recorded on a Tascam 234 (with dbx II.) I wish to digitize the four isolated individual tracks.
Can these be played back on Tascam 424?

If yes, is there a way to send the four isolated tracks to separate outs (i/e using left right outs plus cue or effects send?)

Note - I am cheap and don' want to have to spend the $ on a 244 for this project.
Thanks in advance for any info and apologies if this question has been asked a thousand times.
Heads have the same track spacing- compatible P/N- but don't know about the routing to get 4 individual tracks from the 424. You could transfer two tracks at a time- L/R outs- then nudge tracks in the DAW until they line up.
Thank you for this reply.

Okay, that makes sense. A Chunk of work (it's an hour long live radio show, bass, drums, vocals, guitar) however cheaper than springing for Tascam 244.
Only concern could be ambient phasing... Because I have never done this trick before. I have synced video to audio that way (line up the snare hits.)