2020 Hindsight BJZ


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The tones are good. Only thing is the vocal is getting walked on by the music. I don't think the vocal needs to be louder or the music turned down...i think it needs some EQ'ing. I would suggest soloing the vocal and experimenting with the EQ on the vocal. You will find a sweet spot where boosting a certain frequency sounds really good on the vocal. Boost that frequency a db or 2. Then go back to the rest of the tracks and cut that frequency a db or 2. The vocal will sit much better in the mix and you can leave the volume levels where they are


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Thanks for the feedback, both endlessrain & jimistone.
I didn't mix this. I just sang and played guitar.
I will forward this feedback.
All the best.


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I find that the drums sound a little too aggressive for what I am hearing in the rest of the song. I think they sound ok for the chorus parts but for the verses and such they sound a little much. Along those same lines, I find that the vocals sound a little buried which may have something to do with the drums power. Regardless catchy song. Great job