2 identical faders in Master mix?


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I'm trying to get the slightest bit more widening out of my masters and have been experimenting with 2 faders containing the same mix bus in my master project file - does anyone do this? I create two faders, drop my mix into each one and tweak a spreader/widener on both until the phasing doesn't conflict in order get a wider sound - just curious if there's anything wrong with this method as it a) gives me that tiny bit of stereo i'm looking for and b) gives me a tiny bit more LUFs without having to crank my limiters up to match my reference track. Thanks in advance!!
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Well, I was waiting to see if anyone else responded here. Never heard of doing such, and I think if the phase difference in using 2 wideners that way is not an issue, its really no different than cranking up ONE master track a bit - you can physically move the slider up to increase volume, you don't need to use another limiter for that. Of course the best way to get a 'wider' mix is to do it in the mixing stage!