1st recording after driver reinstallation


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Had to start it over.. This is my first recording test after reinstallation. Placing 4 instruments in time together, is a great test to perform to identify the problems when getting started.

Hopefully, the ASIO driver is no longer shared. Finally. That was a hard one to solve. The recordings should be much clearer now.

Me doodling on 4 instruments.. How does it sound?

Playing out a melody is like life, or at least like a game of Pac-Man..cut your own path...right through the ghosts and bullshit..

WARNING- Im totally fucking awesome. Careful with this shit..


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How else is life like a game of Pac-Man?

25 cents buys you 3 lives. Wait...Thats not...Um...Whatever
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Listening on headphones, tiny bit of fizz or distortion on guitar , like level to hot maybe? I like the tone, just seems a tad hot level wise..bass is awesome, I love that synth 80s ish pulsey bass sound


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Baby steps Beak congratulations on pressing the red button and laying it down...More verb / delay on the guitar and bass maybe? Anyways great playing and it sounds like you are capable of putting out some great music...get on it dude!


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Satisfying sounds and playing. I hear a vocal coming in at about 0.32, pretty much paralleling what the guitar's playing, and then the guitar soloing from 1.19 until maybe 1.42 for a return to short vocals before the guitar takes it out to the end.

I hear stuff sometimes.

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Good sound check. Everything appears to be in working order. I love it when new tech works like its supposed to. Nice jam


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Woah . . . Those are some low bass sounds. Not very musical, but very low. Sounds almost like they're coming out of a blown 15-inch speaker. I guess that'd be alright if you just wanna blow 'em out your car while cruisin' the neighborjood.