12th Street Station Blues - mix opinions please!

I'd like to get some opinions on my mix for this tune please!

It's my first tune with my new 12 string electric... :guitar:


  • 12 Street Station Blues mix 2 master.mp3
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Nice chime.
What brand or model is it?
The 1st few bars after the intro worried me as that guitar didn't seem to be there and the tone was generally darker then the chiming returned.
I don't think the solo was entirely successful tonally or structurally.
Nice song and nice use of the 12 string.


Love the 12 string sound. I found the 6-string part on the right side in the early verses a little distracting, as it was on/off in playing style, and the acoustic on the left could have been a little louder - maybe if both were panned a little closer to the center they would blend better. I liked the lead sound. It's a far cry from 'blues', though! :laughings:


Formerly "Dog-In-Door"
I'd make the kick a tad more prominent. Just a bit.
Love the clean sound at the beginning and the lead guitar tone.