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  • Hi Alan, long time no talk.. you may remember me, I'm from way over here and United States, Monterey California.. I'm going to check the threads when I get home, but just thought I'd check in with you.. I purchased four Avid Ultra 320 scsi drives.. formatting one at a time. The first one formatted just fine, however it will not initialize. I'll get into it more when I get home, I may not even need any help on it, but do you suppose I should set the jumpers on the hard drive exactly as they are set on my two working avid units? same units exactly, could be different internal drive, I'll find out when I get home and open them up. thanks, while I had a minute just thought I'd shoot you a message. Let me know if you'd prefer me to message you in the forums, if I remember correctly maybe that's better for you (?) I don't remember for sure. Anyway, Got four of them, excellent condition, with all cables, $100 US.. heck, the caddies are alone are worth that. Thanks again. Voice recognition.
    hey mate, are u a sound engineer? i was hoping you can give me tips on home recording.. im from australia by the way.. Perth Canning vale.
    Hi, I'm sorry if I offended you. even old thread are still relevantly today, not my intention to intentionally bump old threads. It's just by chance that topics I like were first discussed years ago. I was under the impression that you should always do a search for previous threads and not start a new one if a similar topic already exist. Dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't. am I missing something here? guess so.
    Hi, sorry for the late reply, I did not see the message,

    Unusually I would do the plug in chain for a channel in this order: EQ, compression, Gate, reverb.

    The reason is, if you are shelving frequencies and say you remove some lows (to clean up low end rumble) before the compressor the compressor is then not trying to compress the lows anymore. If the compressor was before the eq the compressor is working trying to compress these lows which you don't want anyway.

    By placing the gate after the compressor the signal is more even so adjusting the gate is easier.

    With the reverb on the end of the chain you get the eq you want, a controlled level and a clean (gated) signal, so the reverb is only acting on the sound you really want.

    Sometimes the order could change if a particular sound is wanted or there is a problem that needs to be solved. There are no fixed rules, if it sounds good then it's right.


    hey, i saw one of your posts and you kind of answered a question i had about the order you put plug-ins in on a track.. the quote was

    "If using compression on the snare place this in line before the reverb."

    i posted a question about this, and all i got was a bunch of @ssholes trying to make themselves feel better by digging in to me, and they didnt answer anything. anyways, the question is, how do you know what order to put them in? is there some sort of guideline you go by? like compression before eq, gate before compression? that kind of stuff.. if i need to explain better, just let me know. any help would be a great help.

    p.s. oh yeah, this isnt just referring to the snare verb you were talking about in the post, more of a general question.. OR are there different orders for different instruments?

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