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  • I saw some of those discs listed too, and I'm going to buy one as soon as I can, just to see if I actually don't need repairs.
    Did you ever get your 564 workin' alright?..
    I've seen a couple posts on ebay for some MD DATA DISCS pretty cheap. I don't know if they are still up for auction, was last week sometime. You gotta get that recorder up and runnin', because you will be amazed with the recordings you can get with it. 644 = ANALOG / DIGITAL RECORDER - the best of both worlds!
    What kind of music do you play or record?..
    i'm into alot of stuff,..mainly electronic music (not techno)...mostly industrial, ambient, soundscapes.
    but when i play my real drums vs. my electronic kit,...i like to play zepplin (bonham type beats)..sabbath beats.
    I like all kinds of music though.
    I'm just asking,.. because you said you'd like to hear some of the recordings I did on the 564,...and I was wondering what type of music recording to send to you,.. to listen to. Just figured it would be better for you to listen to somethin you might be into than rather send you somethin' that might hurt your ears!
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