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  • Hi Veggar999,

    pt 2 of message

    The lead guitar in the intro and solo was actually played on a bass with all the bass turned off, the treble full on and put through a Behringer bass effect. I discovered that by really distorting it, the bass can actually sound like a very electric guitar and can double as a lead or rhythm part.
    I haven't done any music for a while as I've had a few things to clear out the way but now I'm back and raring to go.
    Thanks again for the message, it's really encouraging,
    take care,
    Hi Veggar999,
    I've just received this message, thank you very much, I'm glad you like the songs.
    I wrote "Washing Machine" a while back. It was actually inspired by sitting and looking at the washing machine in our kitchen and thinking about all the secrets, stories and memories that are contained in the dirt that gets washed out of our clothes each time they are washed. The washing machine itself then became a metaphor for our memories.
    I thought I'd put it in a reggae style beat because at the time, my friend Ray, from Zambia, who is a very versatile drummer, was in the country and I managed to get him to do quite a few sessions for me. The chord progression in the first verse is quite straightforward, but for the 2nd verse, I thought I'd use the related minor chords, just to see how it would sound. It really changed the feel and I liked it so I kept it in. When it came to working out the melody, I just improvised and went for it ! I thought it came out well.

    pt 2 to come
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