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    Computers. Internet, hacking and ransomware.

    I would love it if one of those Youtube scam killer channels would find your scammer and broadcast his downfall for all to see. I love when they show the scammer a picture of themselves... or show them their address. F those guys.
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    Computers. Internet, hacking and ransomware.

    I don't know what kind of NAS you own, but you'll probably have to pull the drives/wipe them and re-install the OS and start from scratch... I wouldn't trust anything on the drives/installed OS anyhow.
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    Computers. Internet, hacking and ransomware.

    Death to thieves. It's the only way.
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    Multiple controllers

    Again, it depends on the Software. Reaper (on my PC) for example shows all MIDI devices connected to my Computer or allows me to add a Joystick as MIDI device for instance and also allows me to add multiple "control surfaces", so I've got my FaderPort & Nektar Panorama P1, etc... those aren't...
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    My studio build

    This! The first thing I do when I get a new piece of gear is to print out a label for the power supply! :)
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    My studio build

    Holy cripes! How did your Lexicon Omega survive for sooo long? Mine died within a year or two of owning one... yowza!
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    Multiple controllers

    I think the biggest issue is going to be the Software being able to see/use both MIDI devices at the same time. I'm not aware of a USB MIDI merge box... and I assume that even if your Software can see both of your USB MIDI devices connected to a powered Hub, that you'll only be able to choose...
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    Sabbath-Wicked World vocal FX?

    Yeah, probably just some EQ... sounds sort of "low quality" to me... maybe the recording wasn't that great? Also... this song isn't a typical Ozzy singing "the riff" type song... maybe why it contributes to your "different guy" singing. I don't hear any "fx" on his voice... possibly some...
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    Heresy: How to make a realistic VSTi drum part

    If it works for King Gizzard...
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    Is there a term for this?

    Yes. Root note is correct. A is the Root of any "A Chord", be it A Major, A Minor, Sus, Dim, etc...
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    My studio build

    Not sure how I missed that little Racer Green Vox Mini Super Beetle last time I saw this thread. I've got one too. It's my Godzilla Amp. ;)
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    SG Strap Button Relocation?

    Thanks for the update. This is what my SG cavity looks like btw... ;) I didn't add it all up... but it didn't help...
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    Beach Boys Tribute Band - Barbara Ann

    Sounds great Rob, or is it Paul? ;) Anyhow... if you wanted to come out of retirement for one last gig (or recording) this month's PRF Tribute Series is actually The Beach Boys! All submissions to be uploaded by end...
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    Reaper Effects question.

    I think the fact that you're clicking on stuff is always going to un-highlight it. You should be able to "Pin" the FX Window though, I'd think. Not sure what you're using when you say "controller controlled plug ins" though. Do you mean like those TC Electronic Hardware Units?
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    Is the meaning of a song important to you ?

    I listen to Black Metal, so I don't know what the hell they are saying anyhow... ;)