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  • Hey no problem Ben,
    It's the star looking thing at the bottom left of someones post with in the thread when you want to rep someone either positive or negative.

    Oh, ok, I see... I'm still new and wasn't sure. Sure hope the the changeover goes smoothly. I've experienced horrifying disasters. Some forum webmasters will set up a new site and back-up all the old stuff. Something to keep in mind considering all the contributions by some pretty knowledgeable people.
    Thanks for the advisory regarding evidence.
    No..not without deleting the evidence..when Chater comes round I will ask if she wishes to do so..It will be her decision...thanks for the enquiry Twinhit!

    Well, yes. Quite a lot has changed since I started that project. I've had 3 different versions of that mic with various tubes and capsules and I think I'm close to picking the best. I also acquired 2 Soundelux e47s, which are about as close in sound to a real U47 out there and in my comparisons I found that the 'Spirit' mic is somewhere between a U47 and an M49 in sound. There are modifications that can be made to the grill that sort of shifts the sound one way or the other.

    Don't let me forget and I'll post the full details soon.

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