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  • Ta Roo! Whatshappnin-n-shit :D
    Just stopped by to say HEY, drink yer beer and use yer baffroom (yer outta TP now, btw :) )
    I also left ya a half can of spaghetti O's in da fridge. :D

    Have I earned another :spank: yet?

    True, my friend! How are you? I'm building away--man, this is taking longer than I thought! Damn day job. How easy would life be without real work? But how hard would life be without real money?

    Any updates on the daughter front?
    fire ahead :D

    I saw you look but you said nothing, thanks...its keeping supercreep entertained ;)
    Yes, a shit storm indeed. I still haven't figured what is "storm worthy" and what withers and dies at the bottom of the forum graveyard...
    Y'know...I'd call you a smart ass. But that would probably just make you smile proudly, wouldn't it? But you are a smart ass! And I deserve it! Working now, but I should be up late--I'll look forward to taking a break and dropping you a longer line!
    i wanna know why aswell, please. then maybe i can hide it from future employers... <to nothingness>
    everyones got there problems, just some peoples issues are more politically correct then others.
    thanks for noticing me thou, nothing.
    i just stoped by to drop sisteurt off some scrolls, freshly rolled.
    True, your "attention" link doesn´t works.
    (and happy Mother´s day - is today in USA too, right?)
    Hello True - that song'll sit & wait for you. Written with your voice in mind so it's a "when it's meant to happen" kind of thing!
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