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  • yeah, i play guitar, piano/keyboard, and "sing" lol. but i haven't for awhile, i'm so on & off with music. when i came here i was all into it again, now i'm not... so it goes:) i probably won't be around much anymore since i'm not into music at the moment, but it was nice meeting you.

    thank you again for the garden information, and i am seriously considering getting a cat. i wanted one anyways:)

    well, again nice meeting you.

    good luck with your music:)
    hi, lol my kicking ass posts are pretty much for fun, some of the oddest things make me laugh hard sometimes? lol

    hope your doing well
    Thank you for the scrolls brother Tremaine..was running a bit low...and I have a treat for you as well...2 days in the dungeon!
    You have sealed your favour with the Dungeon Keeper...*continue bringing dip and scrolls on your visits..I'll provide the chips and beverage*

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