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  • How along ago was that 4 months? If it is still eating you up inside you should seek some help. It isn't normal to hold a grudge over an online forum posting for this long. Its not like I killed your dog. I feel sorry for your friends and family.
    You think the v-amp sounds better than the pods?? I've never heard any modeler yet I thought was better than a pod, so I'm gonna get one and try it out.. AFTER I recover from tax season :D
    TokerDude! :D wussup? Just swingin by to say hi and to pee on your tree. :D
    Later mang............Kel
    Yo Toker! Good to see you're still hanging around here!
    wouldn't let me give you rep but we're cool if you were unsure.
    You've been around the board for awhile and I was just pointing out that I was indeed a pro, but I wasn't offended or anything.
    Mesa's RULE!!! :D
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