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    Hotel California bad edit?

    There's some interesting video on Youtube of Steve Albini doing tape edits. It's a lot of work, just remembering which piece of tape goes where! I read that Eddie Offord, while recording Yes' Tales From Topographic Oceans, had taped tape snippets to the wall, to be used the next day for edits...
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    So is it complicated

    Forget about "pro" studios, unless you've made it big time. I'm sure there are plenty of producers who can build a beat around anything. Yes, get a laptop and an interface and a decent mic and some software and go from there.
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    Tascam 424 MKIII - tracks record limit?

    If you're going to use that sub-par medium, you really need to clean the heads routinely and de-magnetize occasionally. That comes with the territory.
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    ART MPA ll Mid Side function

    Yes! I used mid/side on the MPA and it worked very well indeed. The recording comes in as a stereo track. There's no need to use phase correction or anything like that. It just works. I used two CAD Equitek E-200's, which I normally use for vocals, but those mics work on everything.
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    Age - when does it become a problem?

    I'm 65, and I'm recording, playing, and writing/co-writing songs, and still having a blast. Actually, my music world/activities are increasing, it seems. I'm still learning, but my skills as a producer/mixer have definitely improved since I started about 15 years ago with a Portastudio and a...
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    Need help fixing some tracks...

    Sorry about this late reply--I've been busy this summer with music and work. Why don't you just re-do the song? From top to bottom, a complete re-do? My fellow band member (there's just two of us) recorded dozens of songs onto cassette recocrders in a very low-fi manner when he was younger...
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    Jan 6 ratings dud

    In a wonderful irony, the play arrow for the video covers part of Schiff's face and he looks for all the world like his bete noir, Vlad Putin.
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    Need help fixing some tracks...

    It just sounds a bit bright to me. Nothing too crazy that couldn't be fixed with some EQ on individual tracks and maybe some massaging on the master bus. A quirky song, a pretty good song. Is it multi-tracked? You can't alter/change the beat?
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    Puzzled about reverb explanations - sorry - I know I'm being dumbass....

    "I actually really like reverb. But I had to learn not to slather everything in it all the time and to mix and match with wet and dry sounds. And develop my own reverbial approach. I wasn't always like that and I learned bit by bit, just like you're doing now." Yes, exactly so. I love reverb...
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    Small bedroom studio acoustics help

    I get that--my referencing the R value was just to make that point about the thickness of the stuff. In the room I was referring to, there was shiny, cheap paneling over plaster. The ceiling was a type of interlocking "acoustic" tile, which seemed to be a real benefit acoustics-wise. The gobos...
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    Small bedroom studio acoustics help

    I know. But there was a very noticeable difference in the room acoustics. I know this because before I put the traps up, it was like an echo chamber--when we played, there were constant issues with howl-around, and recording was a waste of time. After the panels went up (all of them R13), the...
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    Small bedroom studio acoustics help

    Fiberglass. R-13. I started using Roxul after about 10 of them or so. The bigger panels, at a full 6 feet tall, were probably a bit more, maybe between $35 and $40. The wood sides (1 x 4) were pretty cheap, not like now! Those six foot panels now would probably set me back about $50.00 or so...
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    Small bedroom studio acoustics help

    These were made by me, very similar to Atkron 205's traps, about $30.00 or so per panel. I hinged them and added feet so they could be placed just about anywhere. I usually place a small folded blanket in the area where the hinge is to block that little bit of long narrow space. I also have...
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    Looking for that big guitar sound

    Yes ineed. I can't count the amount of times I've muted extra guitars in a mix because they weren't needed, or took out extra fills that sounded good whilst adding them, but were a distraction in the mix. Less is very often just the right thing.
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    From The Beginning.

    Really nice cover.