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  • Hi Tim, i was wondering if you can email me snapchats of a part of the tascam atr 60 maintenance manual, you'll save my ass my friend
    Have a great day
    Been very busy with live sound gigs. Recording when I can.
    You have any new projects going on?

    Hope you well.

    hi tim, ive been having issues with a tascam m3700 desk and i came across your cleanup of the 3500 and thought id write and see if you have any clue what could be going on with mine. its tough for me to troubleshoot the sucker as i dont have a schem. so the problem is... no audio. none in or our, no channels, no hiss from the master. i power it up and the 2 vu peak lights are on. all the other switch light turn on and off, the automation screen works fine. whole thing seems fine except for the no audio. since its over all the channels it leads me to believe its in the psu. any thoughts?
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