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  • Hey Tim, this is a long shot but I saw a really old post where you mention you have a 22" Rude ride from 1981. I've been looking for a 22" Rude Power ride from that era and have only found one and unfortunately not for sale. Most are crash/rides. If yours is a power ride I'd be willing to make a really good offer. If not, no worries.
    Roland R8 Drum Machine help:
    Hi Tim: I read a post from you on this site in which you said you owned a Roland R8 and that you loved them. I have one and share the same sentiment. However, lately I have been unable to record with the eight single outputs on the back of the machine simply because I have forgotten which buttons to press to access them. I other words I connect 1/4 inch cables from the back of the R8 to my recording equipment but I cannot get any signal from the R8. I records okay from the mono/stereo outputs. COuld you please tell me the buttons to push to get the different drum sounds to come out of the those eight single outputs? Thanks.
    PS You may respond here or write to me at kodwinpn@gmail.com
    Hi I´m Matthew I´m join in this web site, because You talk something about Bass Drum. I have OCDP 20x22 bass drum 6 PLY keller shell without rings. And heads is Powerstroke 3 Coated and resonant is Remo Starfire (mirror head) BUT! with TWO 6" holes..
    Please, can You help me with tune ? what You think ? what combination tension is the best between better and front head ?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ! .... Matthew
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