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  • Hey Green Hornet, been a few years but I got the bug again I guess, so I'm back on here. You still play around GR?

    See ya
    Hi.Man .I'm need Help to converting Tape cassette to MP3 (how to Recording & Saving in Hardware & Software).Tnx
    Yo! GreenDude! :D
    Wussuuuup! Just stopped by to pee on yer tires and eat your Oreo cookies.
    Yer outta milk, by the way.

    I dont know which mic is better for home recording??
    I've heard that C3000 works fine on longer distances, and for Perception 220 you have to be close.
    I dont need mic which can work on long distances, I just need good quality. Price is the same. I dont know which microphone
    have better quality of voice.. Can You help me??

    Thanks, Dario
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