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    Looking for make of this amp

    Sure looks like one of these.
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    Impulse buy - NGD

    I've always liked the feel of a strat, just (generally) not the electronics. The first volume control was my nemesis, I'd always hit it at the wrong time, and turn down my volume. So when I saw this locally last night, I had it bought and home within a couple hours. Less than a year old, with a...
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    Refinishing opinions and advice - Musicmaster Bass

    Well, the boy has changed his mind, and now he thinks that the bass is cool enough to play live. Here's a shot from yesterday on their Pavement and Parking Lot Tour 2015. They're playing 3 gigs at local public schools for their end of year parties (they are in the local School of Rock program)...
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    Roland GR55

    Well, Beeze, thanks for the input ! I bit the bullet and got myself not only a GR55, but also a Godin Freeway SA guitar. The price was right, so I couldn't pass it up. The guitar is really for my kid - his 9.5 pound Epi Les Paul was just a tad heavy for a 10 year old - but it will also be...
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    Refinishing opinions and advice - Musicmaster Bass

    Been a while since I've posted here, but I can count on the fact that everyone's got an opinion, and I'll welcome any advice, so here you go :D I've got a '78 Fender Musicmaster bass that plays and sounds great, but it looks like crap. This thing has been rode hard and put away wet. That's...
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    les paul custom classic

    Happy to see someone else diggin' on the Custom Classic. I received a wine red one from my wife for my 50th birthday in October ... I think it's one of the best buys in its price range out there. The baked maple fretboard is much darker than the shots on the Gibson site, and feels less like...
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    How Many Guitars do you own

    Update - gone from 6 to 12 in almost 10 years and 3 countries since the last count. Starting to do inventory again before the move this summer (and was adding water to my humidifiers ...). Additions: Ibanex EDA-900 bass Hand built flamenco - Salvador Castillo Ovation Celebrity shallow bowl -...
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    New Axe !

    Well, sort of... I have a buddy in Canada who's been looking for a new guitar, and there's so much available down here on Craigslist, that I've been keeping my eye out. Well, I just got him his new guitar - a '94 US Ultra Strat. Flame maple cap(s) on alder, Ebony board w/ MOP markers, LSR roller...
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    FS: Red Hondo Lazer

    OK, so I've had this for a year. It's an awesome axe, but I've had my headless guitar fix satisfied. Just doesn't do it for me. I've got it up on CL, but if anyone here is interested, I'll cut the price for an HR member. Am asking $700 locally - make me an offer if you're interested. I can see...
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    Lefty strat converted to righty

    Been thinking about doing this for a while. Mainly, I like strats, but hate the placement of the volume knob. I tried a buddy's lefty, and found that upside down, the volume knob was out of the way, but still reachable. I like the idea of the whammy on top, too. There's a MIM strat on CL for...
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    New axe (G.A.S....)

    In contrast to the "other" new guitar thread, thought you all might be interested in my newest acquisition. It's an early 80's IMC/Hondo Lazer. Don't see many of these around (or even their pricier cousins - the Erlewine Lazer, which Johnny Winter currently plays). Not much info to be found...
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    Posting Blues revisited

    In 2002, when I got posted to Seoul, I did a quick little tune for the party we have (see - the original isn't there anymore, though). It was a one take wonder, written and recorded in an hour. Since then, it's been a big...
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    My new guitar !!!

    Just returned from a trip to Michoacan State here in Mexico - a little place known as Paracho, where the town survives on guitar building. Most of the guitars are cheap and mass produced, but there are a few luthiers that hand construct some amazing instruments. One of these is Salvador...
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    I think I want one of these !

    Dual Display :cool:
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    Testing a mixer

    Wondering the best way to test a mixer if all the seller has available is the mixer itself. :rolleyes: If I bring a set of headphones, a mic, and possibly a line level device (portable cd player), at least I could check all the inputs, correct ? Any other thoughts ? Any quick way to check...