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  • hey man saw your from cleveland i am too. also i saw that you have/had an otari mx 70 ? i also have one and was wondering if you had the remote to and would possibly wanna sell it along with the cables or know where i could find one. i know its a little far out but im really in search for one thanks man,
    hi talldog, wondering if you have any parts for the MS16 or Tascam 58. I am looking for some cosmetic parts, specifically the area where the VU meters fit in. It is a small greyish window. Or the front panels as a whole. Just saw a couple of threads where you mentioned it, please let me know. Thanks
    It is yours.
    I'll be getting photos on my homestudioguy.com ASAP website so you can see thus stuff.
    PayPal Account is bobbygbay via gfam1207@verizon.net
    Hi Talldog,

    I am interested in that quantegy 456 1/2" one pass tape for $15/reel you mentioned on the thread. Are there any splices in in any of them? You say you have 4 right?
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